Financial questions keeping you up at night? Every individual comes into planning with a story.  Often the story is a patchwork of messages– sound bites and questions from the media, friends, the golf course – accumulated into a confusing whole. The story pushes you forward, an impetus to seek out answers.

Having reached a certain point in life and wealth, the stories tell us we should do something about it. Questions pepper your thinking. There’s a sense of obligation to find the answers; a sense that if you do the responsible thing – go see an advisor, make some decisions, take action – that on the other side of it all, you’ll find relief.

However there are unseen limitations embedded in this narrative. When you go into planning with a list of questions, it can inadvertently point you to finite answers. You can unknowingly narrow the flow of your choices. In your career, you’ve become unusually successful because you know how to create opportunities. Yet in this important realm of life and wealth, the path well-traveled by most will actually limit your outcomes.

At LifeStream, we offer both invitation and opportunity to shift your expectations. Instead of beginning your planning journey with societies’ preconceived list of questions, we guide you to formulate your own perspective. In doing so, we broaden your choices, often inventing solutions that didn’t exist before the dialogue began.  Learn more about who we are, what we do and why LifeStreaming™, and then contact us to request a complimentary Discovery Meeting today.