Jenna, Bonnie, Daria, and Ralph are now part of a nationwide firm, with offices in New Bern, NC, as well as in Pleasanton and Santa Clara, CA.  BlueSky now totals 15 employees, and serves about 275 clients and their families across 27 states. Please visit us here for more information

This is an exciting time for us and our clients.  The shared commitment and purposeful connection we enjoy with each of you extends beyond words, to the great actions we are able to take on behalf of clients and our community.

The expanded BlueSky will be able to reach the next level, to navigate the boulders in clients' lives, to negotiate any future bumps in the road, to architect a buildable future, to act with integrity and professionalism, and to continue earning clients' and advisors' trust and friendship.

This combination of talent and resources opens new doors for us and for our clients. We hope you share our enthusiasm and passion for the future as LifeStream continue to flow and grow into one big BlueSky.